Why do software deadlines get missed so often?
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By Sagar Naliyapara Published On: May 11th 2023

Code Quality

On a recent project I was asked to consult on, the team had continued to set ambitious deadlines but just as quickly watch the deadline pass and their customers watched the deadlines pass too.


Software maintenance plays a vital role in the long-term success and sustainability of software applications. However, it can also be a contributing factor to missed deadlines in software development projects. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why code maintenance activities can lead to missed software deadlines and discuss strategies to mitigate these challenges.

To minimize the impact of code maintenance on software deadlines, consider the following strategies:

  1. Regularly allocate time for code refactoring and addressing technical debt to prevent it from accumulating over time.

  2. Conduct thorough regression testing after code changes to catch potential issues early and avoid future setbacks.

  3. Prioritize documentation and knowledge sharing to facilitate smoother onboarding and knowledge transfer.

  4. Implement robust version control practices to track and manage code changes effectively.

  5. Plan and allocate dedicated resources and time for code maintenance activities, balancing them with new development tasks.

  6. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, where code maintenance is seen as an integral part of development rather than an afterthought.


While code maintenance is crucial for software sustainability, it can also contribute to missed deadlines if not managed effectively. By recognizing the challenges associated with code maintenance and implementing mitigation strategies, software development teams can navigate these complexities and ensure that code maintenance activities do not impede project timelines. Striking a balance between code maintenance and new development, addressing technical debt proactively, and emphasizing robust testing practices are key to minimizing the impact of code maintenance on software deadlines.

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