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By Sagar Naliyapara Published On: Oct 19th 2022

Code Quality

If you ask the business managers, they'll often say that it's more important for the software system to work. Developers, in turn, often go along with this attitude. But it's the wrong attitude. I can prove that it is wrong with the simple logical tool of examining the extremes.


If you give me a program that works perfectly but is impossible to change, then it won't work when the requirements change, and I won't be able to make it work. Therefore the program will become useless.


If you give me a program that does not work but is easy to change, then I can make it work, and keep it working as requirements change. Therefore the program will remain continually useful.


You may not find this argument convincing. After all, there's no such thing as a program that is impossible to change. However, there are systems that are practically impossible to change, because the cost of change exceeds the benefit of change. Many systems reach that point in some of their features or configurations.


If you ask the business managers if they want to be able to make changes, they'll say that of course they do, but may then qualify their answer by noting that the current functionality is more important than any later flexibility. In contrast, if the business managers ask you for a change, and your estimated costs for that change are unaffordably high, the business managers will likely be furious that you allowed the system to get to the point where the change was impractical. 


It is important, as we all know, to write more clean and tidy code in order to raise the level of our project in terms of performance, speed, and other developers' understanding of your code and its quality.


Most projects are not built or maintained by a single person. Instead, there is a collection of people involved, who all have their own personal preferences. If everyone would use their personal style, maintainability would suffer. so having guideline is also important for your project.



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